For our four legged friends!

Good morning my friends and followers! I hope that you all had a great week. 

I got to thinking last night that saving moola really doesn’t have to be about finding coupons for every item we buy or choosing to purchase the cheapest item on the shelf. When I think about saving money, I also think about the items that I choose to put in and on my body. Then my thoughts went to the people and things in our lives that we love and take care of. Essentially, we are financially responsible if our spouse, children and animals get sick. In a lot of cases we would also help out our extended family and good friends if they were in need and we were able.

Today I want to focus on our loving four legged friends (aka kids)! Our pets, whatever type they may be, in most cases bring so much joy to our lives. We owe them only the best right? Don’t get me wrong when I say “the best” as I clearly understand the overpopulation issue in this world and realize that even giving a pet a loving home is a big step and a great start.

My family currently has two dogs and three cats. Yes, we are that family who takes in an animal when it needs a home or tries to find a needy pet a good home instead of letting it go to the shelter. That is how we acquired three cats! Our dogs we took in out of need. I needed to have my Yellow Lab and my husband just had to adopt his Rottweiler the minute he laid eyes on him. These dogs have been our kids until we actually had kids! Though they may be one notch down on the totem pole now, we still want them to be happy, healthy and content!

Both of our dogs have sensitive stomaches and our Rottweiler even has a Wheat/Gluten allergy! When did this become such a huge issue in the feline and canine world? I grew up with dogs and we never even had to take them to the Veterinarian until they were over the age of 10 and started falling apart! Is it the toxins in the air, the tap water, the tainted fertilizer in the grass or just the crap they put directly in the dog food?? I will never know for sure but I do know that we used to spend $90 per bag of dog food when the Vet had talked me into a “Special” brand only sold at his office when we discovered our Rotties allergy. Our Rottie weighs in at a good 130 lbs so a typical bag of dog food doesn’t last him very long. Not to mention that we now had to start feeding it to our Lab because   what would we do if there was cross contamination!! Now, I am assuming that this “Special” food didn’t taste very well because they wouldn’t touch it unless they were starving. So the Vet recommended that we also buy a case of the “Special” wet food to help them out. $Cha Ching$ Now I was spending an additional $120 per month for the wet food. This on top of the, oh let’s say, $180 per month for the dry food. This was a total of $300 just to feed our two dogs. But we trusted our Vet and were both too busy with our careers to educate ourselves on other brands that might have worked better.

Long story short, my husband and I decided to finally use our noggins and research other foods that had the same type of ingredients or lack there of. Here is what we found!

This amazing brand of dog food is about $54 per bag and my dogs eat it without the wet food! Imagine that!! 

It contains NO:

1. Meat By-Products

2. Wheat or Wheat Gluten

3. Soy, Dairy, Corn, Artificial Preservatives, Colors or Flavors

The point I want to make here is not to try and sell you on the Wellness dog food. There are plenty of great brands out there. Heck, Rachel Ray and Elen Degeneres even have there own pet brands that are just as healthy! My point is that my family is saving MOOLA because we educated ourselves and tried to understand exactly what it was that our own pet couldn’t have. We are saving ourselves close to $200 per month now and that’s without using a coupon or buying the cheapest brand on the shelf! The long term health of our pets is where the real savings comes in though. Being aware of what we are putting in and on their bodies is so important. I understand that some illnesses may not be avoidable and could just be genetic but you just never know what chemicals and other toxins may bring those unhealthy cells to life. Making health a priority for yourself and your loved ones, even those with four legs, is a true investment in your future.

Happy Saving!!

Oh and Happy St. Patricks Day too!!

The truth about and coupons

I love when friends ask me about deals being offered in their favorite stores. I like trying to research ways that they can save money buying the things they love!! This morning I had a friend ask me if I had any coupons for  I did a little research and this is what I found.

Below is a direct cut and paste from the website explaining why they do not offer coupons or promo codes.


Welcome to Many online sites may claim to have coupons or discounts, but the truth is does not offer coupons or promotion codes. The experience is based on providing the highest level of service, while offering a large selection of shoes, clothingbagshousewares, and more.

There are many reasons a coupon code is not offered. Zappos Retail, Inc. seeks to add value by offering free shipping both ways, a 365-day return policy, and speedy fulfillment once an order is placed. Customer service is available 24/7 and 365 days a year where you’ll be greeted by a friendly Customer Loyalty Team member.

Keep in mind some sites may offer you “ Coupons” but this is not the case. There are some commonly used terms to look out for:

  • “Zapos Coupons”
  • “Zoppos Coupons”
  • Zappo Coupons”
  • “Zappo’s Coupons”
  • Coupons”
  • “Zappa Coupons”

As always, recall the experience. Free shipping both ways, fast shipping, a compelling selection, everything you are able to place in your cart is available for immediate sale, many user reviews from which to draw on, and of course our privacy policy. Each of these ensures a level of service that we feel supersedes the value of a coupon. All of our policies are available for you to read in our “Customer Service Center”. Although you won’t find coupon codes anywhere, you will find many reasons to shop with us. We are dedicated to serving you and providing you with the best selection on the web!

I must admit that does have a very high level of great customer service and it’s like having a coupon for “Free Shipping” whenever you shop with them! I use as a money saving website just because of the great deals and large selection. Remember, it saves money when you don’t have to deal with the hassle of bad customer service, slow shipping or items on backorder! 

Until next time… Happy Saving!!

A New Idea!

Good Thursday morning to my friends and readers 🙂 I hope that many of you have found great ways to save money this week. I would love to hear about any great deals you found!

As I was putting on my new makeup from Bare Minerals this morning, it hit me! I just spent around $30 on a new product that Bare Minerals just came out with and it really didn’t have any review for me to read before spending the money. What if I end up HATING this product?! I would have just flushed my money down the toilet and that is after all, exactly the action that I am trying to avoid!

I want to start posting information about products that I purchase and either LOVE or HATE! I don’t care if it’s new makeup or a new brand of diaper for my kids. Todays society is very connected socially through the internet and the opinions of others so why not share with our friends!

My first item will be the Heal and Conceal product I have purchased from Bare Minerals. I have been using Bare Minerals for the last 3 years or so and I have always loved it. I try there new products when they come out but have never really fallen in love with them. So far, I am iffy on the concealer and acne healing agent. I also purchased the tinted face primer. This product I do like but do not have to have. Not sure that I can really tell a major difference when using it.

I must say that I have loved the Bare Minerals loose powder foundation for the last three years. I love how light it is and how it really does cover up my problems areas. I also swear by their blush and bronzer. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

I would recommend buying this product directly from the Bare Essentials store if you are going in person. I find that the employees are much more knowledgeable and helpful then say the employees at a retailer that sells many different brands. Customer service my friends is yet another huge point of concern for me. More on that later.

What are some of your favorite products? Anything that you can’t live without?? Let me know and I would love to add it to this blog! You know other girls just like us want to know the scoop so lets share! 

Until next time… Happy Saving!! 

Krazy Coupon Lady!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

I hope that you are all having a great day and are looking forward to the fact that tomorrow is FRIDAY!! I know I am. I have some great friends and family visiting this weekend so I will be hitting up the grocery store deals for all the goods I need to feed them.

I have to share with you how excited I get over the great deals the the Krazy Coupon Lady finds and posts constantly on FaceBook. I have literally started logging on just to see what she has posted. She posts like 50 items and deals per day so its a constant and almost impossible for her to not find something that you LOVE!

I went on her website and decided that instead of keeping all my coupons in a file box, I was going to copy her example and put them all in a binder. I like to have them all with me just in case I find a killer deal while I am out anyways. It’s like carrying around a binder full of cash! Feel the power!!

It reminds me of being a child when I collected those silly card board coins that they called “Pogs.” Do you all remember those?? I was so proud of my Pog binder 🙂

I had to post a picture just for old times sake 🙂

Anyways, if you have not been to the Krazy Coupon Lady’s website please do! She is awesome and has great tools and ideas for your couponing needs.

You absolutely need to “Like” her on Facebook as well. You will LOVE it!!

Happy Saving!!

Entertainment Book 2012!

Hello again my friends! I hope you are all having a blast finding new ways to save your hard earned Moola!! I really enjoy hearing about the different deals that you find and often go out and try to snag the same one!

I wanted to talk about the new Entertainment Coupon Book for 2012. Most of you have probably used this or buy one every year but I never have! I found it at a great price in January (Only $15 at Walgreens) so I had to snag it. To my surprise, I have already saved over $50!! I can’t believe all the great stores that offer discount coupons in the book. I also had no idea that it came with a discount card.

I have registered my card and now at many restaurant and retail locations all they have to do is punch the date out on the back of the card and I am good to go! All the details are listed in the book.

Some of my favorite restaurant and retailers include:





Foot Locker

San Diego Zoo

Sammy’s Woodfire Pizza

The Cracked Egg

The Egg and I

Regal Movie Tickets

Mac Shack


Patty’s Closet 

These stores and restaurants are of course pertaining to the area that I live in. Your coupon book will have deals on the locations and brands near you.

Just keep the book in your glove box and the discount card in your wallet and never miss a discount!

Get your book now for 35% off at 

Happy Saving!!



Good morning friends! 

Last week I hosted a couponing class at my home. It was great and with about 12 ladies that showed up more Moola savings has been inspired! The class was hosted by a great lady named Shannon Jones. (I will have her contact info for you at the bottom.) Shannon teaches classes not only in NV but in CA as well! The classes are totally FREE which is the great part.

Here are the notes that she handed out to everyone. This website is totally free and should be available in every state. We don’t all receive the same coupons and some states even let you double your coupons! Nevada, unfortunately, is not one of those states 😦

If you have any questions you can call or e-mail Shannon or feel free to comment on this post and I will get back to you. Share this post with your friends so they can get in on the savings too!!

Enjoy the notes and Happy Saving!!!

A little Walgreens Savings!

 I just couldn’t help myself today and I wanted to take advantage of some coupons and deals that I knew would be expiring this Sunday. We will be getting the new P&G coupon book in the Sunday paper this weekend by the way!

I split my transactions in 2 so that I could use the $7 in Register Rewards for the second purchase.

My favorite savings find today was on the Crest White Strips. I purchased two boxes of these because the deal was too good to pass up and I think they work great! They are normally $29.99 but Walgreens had a coupon for $10 off and I also had 2 manufacturer coupons for $7 off each! I scored each box for just $12.99!!!

A 4 pack of Duracell Batteries was on sale for $2.99 down from $5.89. I then had 3 manufacturer coupons for $.75 cents off each. I bought 3 packs of those. We go through batteries like crazy in this house with all of Ava’s musical toys! This deal brought each pack down to just $2.24.

An 18 pack of Tampax Pearls was BOGO 50% off and I had 2 manufacturer coupons for $2.00 off each box. The first box was $5.49 making the second box $2.75 with just the BOGO deal. With my coupons I paid just $3.49 for the first box and $.75 cents for the second!!

My total savings for today were pretty good. 

1st Transaction: I spent $35.45 and I saved a total of $13.68 and earned $7.00 in Register Rewards to use on the next transaction.  and saved on 2 packs of Huggies Diapers (40ct), 2 large packs of Huggies Wipes, and 2 containers of the Clorox Cleaning Wipes.

2nd Transaction: I spent$60.63 and saved $50.50. That one was pretty good considering $36.25 of that came from my manufacturer coupons!! The items in this transaction consisted of those I listed above with all the detail and a few other items such as Eye Liner, Hair Gel, Nivea Face Lotion, Cough Drops, In Style Magazine (I got so excited that I had a $2 off coupon for this and then realized that I already receive that subscription in the mail! Epic Fail!!)

Happy Saving!!

CVS Savings!


Good morning friends!

Well yesterday was one of my favorite days, Sunday!! I love to get up before my husband and daughter and grab the Sunday paper just to browse the new ads and coupons!! I actually look forward to doing this and having myself a bit of quiet time 🙂

After looking over the new ads, coupons, fabulous sales etc… I decided that I would only be making one small shopping trip to my nearest CVS. I like to keep a list of the items that we are either out of or nearly out of and shop from that. Keeps me from trying to buy items that we really don’t need. I make exceptions of course for baby stuff. Now, when I say baby stuff I don’t mean toys and items that children accumulate an abundance of. I am talking about diapers, wipes, cold medicines, formula, vitamins, creams, shampoos etc… All things that are used on a daily/monthly basis no matter what. With a baby in the home there is no getting out of using diapers and wipes!!

My goal this shopping trip was to see if I could save more than I actually spent and try to spend as little as possible! Here is a short breakdown of how I did and what I bought:

Small purchase with a big savings!!

Shopping trip items and price breakdown :

(2) 25.4oz bottles of Garnier Shampoo Regularly priced at $6.99 on sale for $5.00 and I had a manufacturer coupon  for $1.00 off each bottle. Total savings on shampoo was $5.98 

(1) 192 ct package of baby wipes  Regularly priced at $8.99 on sale for $5.99 and I had a manufacturer coupon for $.75 cents off each pack. Total savings on wipes was $ 3.75

(2) 4 oz tubes of Desitin Max  Regularly priced at $8.39 each and CVS had a buy 1 get 1 50% off special and I had manufacturer coupons for $1.00 off each tube. Total savings on Desitin was $6.20

The proof is on the receipt!!!

Saved more than I paid!!

Ok, I can see that the image of the receipt is a little hard to read but the grand total came to $39.75 before deals and coupons. I also had $7 in Extra Care bucks (I will explain below) that I was able to use as cash. After deals and coupons it dropped to $19.79 but wait…. I had a $10 CVS Cash Card that I earned during my last in store purchase! After using the gift card I only came out of pocket $9.79!!! My total savings this trip was $23.18!! I was very happy with that.

I also scanned my CVS Green Bag Tag and am just 3 more shopping trips away from earning $1 Extra Care Buck! Every fourth visit $1 will print at the bottom of my receipt. I can either use that $1 right away or save it for my next shopping trip.  So now CVS is helping me save moola and trees!

Scan your tag each time you shop with a reusable bag!!

FAQ about ways to save at CVS:

  1. CVS Extra Care Card– This is a MUST HAVE if you are going to shop at CVS. Using this card is how you will accumulate your Extra Care Bucks and it keeps track of all your spending and racks up additional savings such as 2% back on every purchase. Just log on to and sign up to get your free card. Be sure you link  your phone number to it so that they can look you up at the register should you forget your card at home. You can also as the clerk for one while you are in the store and register it online when you get home.
  2. Green Bag Tag– This is a neat little tag that only cost $.99 cents to purchase and pays for itself! You bring this tag in every time you shop using a reusable shopping bag. Every fourth trip CVS gives you $1 back! It will print out right on the bottom of your receipt.
  3. Extra Care Bucks– These are earned when you purchase select items in the store. They print out on the bottom of your receipt. You will see it advertised in the weekly store ad and most of the time they have it posted right under the product in the store. Fun tip! You can use your Extra Care Bucks during the same shopping trip. Just purchase the items that you know will be printing you the Extra Care Bucks first, then use those to buy the remaining items in your cart! That is some serious instant savings.  These do expire though so keep track of the dates.
  4. CVS Extra Care In-store Coupon Center- Stop off at this machine as soon as you walk in the door. Scan your Extra Care Card and it will print out a few coupons and even Extra Care Bucks just for you! They are linked to your card and only you can use them. This is just an extra perk offered on top of all the additional coupons and deals you will find.
  5. CVS Cash Cards– Many times you will see promotions offered when you purchase a certain dollar amount of specially marked items. For example, this week if you purchase $30 worth of All L’Oreal Cosmetics, Bounty Paper Towels, Charmin Toilet Paper, Planters Nuts, Coke 12 packs, Snickers Fun Size packs and some other items you would earn yourself a $10 Cash Card. You can save it or spend it that day!! This can be really great if they items you often use are a part of the promotion.
I find the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck is to buy the product you use when it is on sale and combine that with a manufacturers coupon as well as an in store coupon if possible! 
I hope this was helpful and fun!
Happy Saving!!


Online Rebates and Coupons!

Good morning friends!

I wanted to start the day off by sharing info with you about one of my all time favorite money saving websites, 

I have been using Ebates since 2008 for most if not all of my online shopping needs. This is a website that works with over 1200 stores and offers online rebates and coupons. CASH BACK IN  YOUR POCKET!!

Next month I will be receiving my Big Fat Check in the mail totaling $43.40!! Thanks Ebates!! 

Here’s how easy it is:

1. You log into before you shop online. (This will soon become a natural habit for you!!)

2. Find the store you want to purchase from and click shop!

(This is also where you will see all coupon codes for any deals that store has to offer)

3. Ebates then creates a “cash back tracking ticket” and sends you straight to  your favorite site!

4. Now shop like normal and that’s all you have to do!!

After you have placed your order you will get a CASH BACK confirmation email for Ebates letting you know how much moola you saved yourself. At least 4 times a year or more Ebates will send you a Big Fat Check in the mail. You can keep track of how much to be expecting by reviewing your account on their website. What I love is that this Big Fat Check is just additional savings on top of the online coupons that I am able to use.

Check out the current cash back amounts on some of my favorite stores:

Babies R’Us     5% cash back

Shutterfly      4% cash back

Express     2.5% cash back

Kohls    4% cash back

Macy’s    6% cash back

Nordstrom    3% cash back

Target    3% cash back

Carters    2.5% cash back

Childrens Place   2.5% cash back

Another way to earn cash is by telling a friend! If you love this website your friends probably will too and Ebates will pay you $5.00 when they sign up and place their first order! All your friend has to do is mention your name when they register their account online.

“Like” Ebates on FaceBook and keep up with the daily double deals and special offers. If it happens to be your favorite store offering the deal that day then happy shopping & saving!!!

Check them out now at

If you like what you read today or have questions please leave me a comment. I would love the feedback!!

Thanks and have fun saving that Moola!!


Hello friends! Welcome and thanks for reading my new blog TooSaveMoola!

I am excited to start logging all my savings and coupon deals that I find. I am VERY new at this and am finding that it is easier than I thought! There are SO many misconceptions about couponing due to the over the top T.V. shows now a days and I have realized that getting a great deal does not require purchasing 20 sticks of deodorant, 30 cans of beans and a case of gum!

I have made the promise to myself and my husband that I will only purchase items that we already use on a monthly basis. The only thing that I have changed here and there would be the brand. Don’t get me wrong, I am not willing to purchase a brand that I hate or doesn’t work for me even if it is cheaper but I am willing to at least try them out.

What I wanted to give readers of this blog were new ideas, online savings avenues, making you aware of places to find coupons or ask for deals, give you websites that offer printable coupons and much more. Like I said, I am still very new at this myself and am learning as I go. I try to learn something new each day and I want to pass it on! In todays economy every little bit of moola we can save helps!

Happy saving!